Wednesday, 29 November 2017



Rangitoto is a Volcano that erupted long ago
And all its lava turned into stone
Look at the sky, look at the ground
When we reached the top I felt like I was being drowned.

It was very hot like fire in the air,
Some people were so fit, they they didn't even care
We saw the view, it was beautiful as can be
As we were walking up, we saw lots of trees

We all ran down like a pack of cheetahs.
We were so hungry, we started to think of pizzas
On the way down we met Saint Kentigern School
We were so hot, we all wanted to take a dip in a pool

When we reached the base, I was all happy and proud,
While I was resting, other people were shouting out loud.
It was amazing and cool to be out of the city,
But my water bottle was wasted. What a pity

By Siosaaia

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Room 10's Creative Club

For the last two terms, students have been doing club activities on every Thursday after lunch.  Members of the Singing club, Ukulele club and the Djembe drumming in Room 10 got together and made a movie on what they had learnt. We hope you enjoy our movie.